What’s up? 
So right no I’,m living in the fast mean streets of NYC (moved from Ireland about 6 months ago) and I’ve been thinking to hell with college I wanna see the world! so lads and lassies I’m not entirety sure how to make it so you can comment on this but do ya think Canada would be a wise next move? 

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“I missed this”
—  Me

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So hi.

So I’m back, hi it’s been a while. I’m in a place wher i have no idea where my life is headed. All I know is it is not going the way I wanted. That sad fact scraes me. For we live in a society where everyuone is so sure so safe and here i am am. I feel lost and alone though I am aware there are many like me.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could breach the veil of obscurity and reach out to the orthers who suffer from lonliness the cruealest affilction of the human mind.

Except we cant why? Because we all feel we have our own cross to bear and none can help. I hope that is not true.

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My Family

I’ve spent the last week or so working on two pieces one needs to be refined further, but first here is a brief comedy piece on my Family.

I’ve learned down through the years my family was blessed with many traits which for some reason Genetics decided not to pass onto me. 

All the men in my family are in some form or another trade men as far back as I can trace any way. My Grandfather was a for man and my father followed in his footsteps as did my uncle and most of cousins. Me…. well last time I worked with a table saw I almost killed my own father, and don’t even get me started on hammers. More often then not my own thumb goes in the wood deeper then the nails. Hell I just about manage stairs that is the height of my coordinated abilities stairs. (funnily enough though I am quite good at rock and tree climbing go figure.) 

I have said on many occasions down through the years that my mother should have joined the FBI the woman can spot a spilt drink at fifty paces and god help the man (again normally me) who split it cause she can cut you with her tongue better then most men could do with a sword. 

But thats my mother a real Irish battle axe (as if she would need one most men would hide in the corner like mice at the sound of her shouts). In fact  believe it is not a well known fact that up til I was thirteen I thought my middle name was Jackass, 

Now I know better for now I have realized it is clearly you! 

Yes you! with an exclamation point. 

"Hey you! bring me that hammer" My father would often cry

"Ow me toe." I would shout back because unfortunately for my toe gravity usually grabbed the hammer first and brought its wrath upon me

"Can you! do nothing right" He would reply

To which I would say this “Apparently Physics has declared I can’t for it insists on smacking my poor feet with your bloody hammers.”

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The day after….. The night before

God at this moment I despise Arthur Guinness for ever creating the majesty that is “a feed of the black stuff”. Last night it was all good me and the Guinness got on great we were the best of friends, he even introduced me to his pal Jager. 

But here i am back in my bedroom not About twenty four hours later, and he is kicking the absolute “shite” out of me. 

So I now wonder why do I drink? And the answer is painfully obvious, I it makes me talented its like Popeye with spinach. I mean hey when I’m drunk I can sing (not really but it sure sounds good to me.) I can dance (not really but its fun until I knock myself out) Also I begin to think I’m awesome. O wait I do that sober…. Maybe I don’t need Alcohol after all…… 

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“Life can be wasted trying to predict the future.”

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So here I am and here is my first thought

Man life is good, well for the most part (forgetting my Mother’s birthday sure damaged it) But apart from that, right now I’m out and for the first time in a while I and so genuinely happy I could giggle. 

sure some thing could be better, but if life was perfect we would become to complacent and find a reason to complain about that once again. Its kinda like stairs (yes I’m gonna compare life to stairs) Sure we could have elevators every where instead, but their so like chill, never tripping you up or being like hey, I’m gonna make you fall that would be great. But eventually it would go wrong as all things do and then we would be so used to them working that we would just panic and snap. But having stairs mean you have to stay on your toes get cocky and those bastards will send you tumbling. 
I thank the carpenters for stairs and keeping my life in prespective 

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I always found I had ideas, (lets glorify them a little) at night, and I never had any where good to keep them so here is tumblr and here is my Blog of wonder. Where i plan to take my insanity public, but in an anonymous fashion (for now any way I could reveal myself eventually…… maybe). So here goes the start of Tumblr and my wild documented thought and life for the first time on the web. 

I want to also leave this open for discussion so if the is something that makes you wonder leave a comment below, and we can talk about it rationally, (or about as rational as I get anyway)

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